Sunday, February 5, 2017

Weekend Birthday Celebration

As promised we celebrated Logan's 13th birthday this weekend.  We shoved a whole bunch of fun into this last weekend home together.  Special meals, family games, and more in addition to the normal birthday trappings.  His cake of choice was the richest chocolate cake ever made.  This bad boy weighed 7 pounds!  


Each year we let the kids decide how/what their birthday will entail.  Some years we take a trip.  Other years we plan special events.  This year, Logan just wanted one thing, a motorized scooter.  After researching his request we discovered that you have to possess a drivers licence to operate a motorized scooter so we talked him into the next best thing.  A battery powered scooter that is designed for an adult.  It can easily take his weight, goes 18mph and can go up and down our hilly neighborhood with no problem.   

This morning we took advantage of the wonderful weather.  We loaded up our gear and headed to the park to do some field testing.  Logan raced his dad and Amanda... him on his scooter and them on their bikes.

 It was a no contest.  Logan smoked them both.

Then we took the puppies to the local dog park for some family fun.  

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