Thursday, February 23, 2017

Star Wars Cheer Up

Some Star Wars characters came to the hospital today to cheer up the kids.  Logan was delighted to see them.  Look at the smile on my boy's face!  I haven't seen that beautiful smile for weeks!  

Logan is hanging in there and doing a little better every day.  Today they reduced one of his anti-nausea meds by half.  If he continues to do well tomorrow they will reduce again.  While his nausea is improving, his pain is on the rise.  They increased his pain medicine to hopefully keep him comfortable.  He did get out of the room for a little while today and walked the halls but he is still sleeping the majority of the time.  

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  1. Small positive steps sound great right now. I'm so glad to hear Logan's nausea was not as bad today, and I hope the pain settles down soon. Like, maybe now would be good. Thank you for the updates, Diane.