Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy came to get Logan moving a bit this afternoon.  He sat up in bed to play a little ball and he was a trooper!  He really didn't want to sit up, but he did it.  

He had a rough morning starting with a 6am nosebleed.  We didn't get the bleeding stopped until almost 9am.  Because of the active bleeding the doctors gave him another platelet transfusion.  He has also had 3 vomiting episodes due, in my opinion, to the blood he swallowed during the nosebleed ordeal.  

He is still pushing the pain button on a regular basis to control the pain he has from the mucositis but the medicine is keeping him comfortable.  He is still not eating or drinking but the IV nutrition takes care of that so he has not lost any weight.

He is also sleeping most of the time which is fine by me!  Rest and healing is what he needs the most right now.

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