Thursday, May 7, 2015

Where did April go?

I can't believe I have gone more than a month with out posting to the blog!  We have been very busy so I'll try to catch you up.  Logan has had a couple of doctor appointments lately.  He had another bone marrow biopsy last month and we got the results on Monday.  All is well.  Logan is still 100% donor (so his bone marrow is not trying to make a comeback) and he is still cancer free.  Sadly, we also had to say goodbye to his cancer doctor on Monday.  He is moving out of state and he will be dearly missed.  He has done a phenomenal job taking care of Logan (and Eric and I) for the last year and a half.  I know he will go on to do great things with his research and save many many more children and I feel blessed that he was here at this hospital when we needed him.

We have also been attending an alarming number of Royals games.  I'm not sure if we can keep up this kind of attendance for the whole season, but LET'S GO ROYALS!

And yet another Royals Game.  This time with FRIENDS!
 We could NOT have been further away from the field for this game!  Don't trip!  It's a long way down.

Camp Quality Family Weekend Campout!    
 We enjoyed some family friendly games....  Some were tasty.
 Some were goofy....
 Some were scary....

 Some were silly...
 Some were messy!
 We also did some repelling... Amanda went several times and decided to go tandem with a new friend.  CUTE!

 For Logan, this was heaven.
 We also did a bit of fishing....
 Amanda couldn't NOT catch a fish.
 But the part I wish hadn't happened (kind of) is the visit from the minature therapy horses.
 They were super cute....
 And super nice...
 But now Amanda wants one!  I think our dogs are bigger than these horses and she seems to think they would fit in our backyard nicely.  *sigh*

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  1. Thanks for the updates! I wondered what you guys were up to! Yay for Logan's continued good results! And, I agree...the pony is so cute and Amanda needs one right away! :-) Your band concert post was hilarious - spot on! And, girl scouts camp rocks! I can't believe how light Amanda's hair is looking! Great pics, love your new camera...I need to get one! You'll have to post about what you got and what you think about it someday!