Friday, August 16, 2013

Good, Better, Best

We have waited most of the day to talk to the doctors but it has been worth the wait.

The Good News:  Logan is feeling better and his kidneys are starting to work.  The levels of antibiotic that have built up in his system are starting to drop.  He has not vomited AT ALL today even though his tummy still doesn't feel good.  He has eaten some food for us!

Better News:  While we will definitely be in the hospital over the weekend, the doctors expect him to be recovered enough for a bone marrow biopsy on Monday or Tuesday.  The biopsy will tell us if he is in remission and we will have a better road map for his treatment.

Best News:  A live donor has been found!!!  Logan's best chance for long-term survival is a 10 out of 10 live donor match.  With his rare genome we were not hopeful that would happen, but it looks like our one in 10 million baby has a perfect match out there.  This person has been contacted and is willing to donate his life saving bone marrow to my baby boy.  There are a few more hoops to jump through to ensure this person is healthy enough to donate, but I know two worried parents that will sleep easier tonight.

Logan also received a "pick me up" visit from his grandparents today.  They brought him a new Nerf shotgun.  Do they know this kid or what?

He is enjoying shooting the birds out the window.  The targets just hit the glass, of course, but it scares the birds away and he thinks that is a hoot.


  1. Amazing news!!!! Finally a tiny break in the clouds for the well deserving Neal family! Thinking about you guys!

  2. Best news ever - and I loved reading about how he's scaring the birds away...too funny!