Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another First Day of School

Logan is doing much better.  His kidneys are continuing to improve and he is eating and drinking again.  This week we are working on fattening him back up and enjoying some normalcy... like going to 4th grade.

Monday was HIS first day of school.
He was very excited, a little nervous, but ready to meet his new classmates.
We picked him up at 2:00 for a visit to the doctor.  Before he even got in the car, he was asking us to stop for a second lunch.  Our boy has become an eating machine and it's odd that this makes me so happy, but our priorities have shifted over the past few weeks.

His checkup went well.  He has gained 2 pounds since being dismissed from the hospital on Saturday.  His kidneys are continuing to improve and his blood counts look great.  He is scheduled for a bone marrow biopsy on Friday to give his kidneys a little more recovery time.

In the mean time, I am heading to Wichita to get the house ready to sell and Eric will stay here with the kids.  We hope to have an apartment soon to offer our children some stability during this transition.  We have been staying with family, and while we are very thankful for their generosity in opening their doors to us, I think it is time for us to surround ourselves with the comforts of home.

This week should be uneventful for us so no news is good news while we labor and learn.


  1. Happy to hear this update! Hope the kids are settling in well to their new school and town!

  2. Happy 1st day of school for Logan! :-) And, hope all is going well with the transitions for everyone in the family.

  3. PS - If there's anything I can do to help from afar, let me know!