Sunday, July 14, 2013


We returned Thursday from a wonderful family vacation in time to make Logan's doctor's appointment.  I'm still working through the photos and I'll post them when I have time, however we did not get good news at Logan's check up.  His cancer has come back.  Eric and I did some deep thinking on how to handle this round of chemo.  Since we've done this before we have a better understanding of what's coming and we have decided that we just can't do this again without the support of our families.  Since both our families live in Kansas City, that is where we will be moving on Wednesday to start Logan's treatment.

We still have a lot of details to work through, but I know we have many friends here and afar that will want to offer help and support.  As things come up, I will let you know what is needed and I promise not to be shy about asking.  I know we have many friends that love us and want to help however they can.

I'm going to post updates to his treatment here so whoever wants to can follow along can with ease. Right now, we are working to get our house closed up for the move.  Logan, as you would expect, is not taking the news well.  He's very depressed about going through treatment again and worried about his mortality.  I think it's worse that he knows what's going to happen and how he will feel.  Sometimes knowledge is not a good thing.


  1. I love my niece & nephew so deeply. I wish I could take Logan's pain, fear & diagnosis for myself. Neal Family, you are in my heart & on my mind. XOXOX

  2. My heart goes out to you Diane, and to Logan as well. I'd hoped to never have to visit his cancer blog again, but if course I'll be following along and sending happy thoughts your way. Also, I don't know where in KC you guys will need to be, but our house is ALWAYS open to you and the family. We have a spare bed and a basement with some space as well. Please don't hesitate to ask for anything, I'm more than willing!!

  3. Thinking about Logan and your family. You have such an amazing, strong family, and I am so sad that you guys have to face this struggle again. We will be following your updates and are here to help if needed. Love and prayers to you guys!

  4. I am so sad to read this! I have kept up with your blog hoping and I wouldn't have to read that you were going through this again. Praying for you and your family! I'll continue to following along and am also willing to help where needed.