Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last Day of Chemo

Today at 4:00 Logan received his last dose of chemo meds for this first round.  We will now wait for his blood to recover before he can be released from the hospital.  We were told to expect to be here another 15 days or so.  During this time they will watch him for infection and manage any side effects. 
After recovery they will do another biopsy to determine if he is back in remission.  If so, they have recommended a bone marrow transplant.  We'll keep everyone updated on that process as we know more.  

 He is in relatively good spirits today and looking for some entertainment other than the TV.  We enjoyed reading some today, got out the the playroom, and played some games in the room.  He is still very tentative with eating, but he is trying and that's all that we ask.

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  1. Thank you for keeping us updated Diane!! I've been thinking of Logan lately and am glad he's in pretty good spirits. I'm sure he's getting restless, he belongs OUTside! :)