Saturday, February 2, 2013


 Saturday my mom drove to Wichita to take Logan shopping for his birthday.  This has become a much anticipated tradition with all her grandchildren.  When it was Amanda's turn, we hit the clothing stores ('cus that's what she loves).  Now that it's Logan's turn, guess where we ended up!

... Any guesses?....

... It wasn't Kohls!...

Nope, my son took us to Cabela's!!!!!!!!

Oh, my gosh!  I know you are surprised too!  NOT!!!  We shopped for new arrows for his bow, gloves to protect his little fingers from the string, eye protection to keep him from "shooting his eye out" with his pellet gun.  Then we had to get him some new cargo pants to hold all his ammo... and let me tell you, it was quite a different shopping experience with him than with his sister.  He grabbed the first pair he saw, said "I'm good.  Lets go." and that was that!  HAA!

When we got back home, he headed straight for the back yard to try out his new gear.

Smile a little, would ya?!?!  GEEZ.  SO SERIOUS! Oh, but nice shootin' Tex!

Then Logan graciously let his grandma and mother shoot a few.

 While we were out shopping and playing, Amanda and Eric were busy getting ready for the Father Daughter dance with the Girl Scouts (Oh, by the way, Amanda joined the Girl Scouts. : )  The dance was titled the Black and White Ball... so guess what Amanda decided to wear! BLACK AND WHITE!  That girl takes things so literally it scares me!

 Don't they look nice?  : )

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