Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fun with Cousins

This holiday weekend we had two extra children to join in our fun.  Logan and Amanda's cousins came to visit us and we showed them some of our town.

Saturday Logan had a scout event at the Exploration Place.  They got to do some fun stuff like spray water from a water hose!
 They discovered the joys of a marshmallow shooter...

 ... walked on stilts...
 ... and tried to tie knots in a rope one handed.
 We all got to sit inside a fire truck...
 ... but my favorite part was the ambulance.  I've never seen the inside of an ambulance before (and hope to never see one "in action"), but this was very interesting!
 All the kids got to get strapped onto the gurney and take a little tour.
 A fella in our pack was able to pull some strings and get us a behind the scenes tour of The Keeper of the Plains.  What's special about this statue is the five giant plumes of fire that are lit each night.  We got to check out the control panel and all the workings to make this thing go... we need to make it back up there at night to see it lit up, but we didn't find the time this visit.

 After our outdoor tour, we headed into the Exploration Place for the rest of the afternoon.  The older kids and Eric went to see the Star Wars exhibit while I watched the younger monkeys play.

Sunday we took the cousins geocaching!  We found 4 before the ticks and the heat got the best of us.

 Some were easy to spot... others a little more difficult.  Eric and I are still perfecting our strategy for locating these little treasures but it really helps when they are so obvious!  : )
 Here is another one at the base of the tree... Logan was saying "don't do bunny ears" to Amanda.  : )  He really had fun.  I promise.  
 The last one of the day was hidden in a fallen tree.  By this point, the little girls were D. O. N. E. but I think our older two could have kept going.  They were really into the hunt.  In fact, they wouldn't let me show them were I found this.  They wanted to find it on their own!

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