Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What Have We Been Up To?

Well, even though we are back into the school / work routine we still have some fun stuff going on.  However, I seem to be lacking in the "post it to the blog" department!  Here are a few things that I've been wanting to post about, but got so far behind I almost said NEVER MIND.  

A few weekends ago we attended a fundraiser for childhood brain cancer.  They had many fun things for the kiddos to do including face patinting and I must say, this lady was TALENTED!!!!  Never mind that she had lots of examples to choose from on the table, Logan walked up and said:

 I want a dragon! 


 She had to find some inspiration on her phone, then gave it her own twist.  What talent...
 This is Logan's "serious" dragon face.
 Then it was Amanda's turn.  Not to be out done by her brother, she walks up and say's:
"I want a tiger over my WHOLE FACE!"
 20 minutes later, this is what she looked like.
 Such a shame that this wonderful artist worked so long and hard on my children's face paint just to have it washed off before bed that night.


I guess that's why we have cameras.

A little later into the evening, they did a balloon launch in memory of a little girl that lost her battle to cancer.  It was very touching.


Some other weekend (I honestly can't remember which one!) we harvested all our butternut squash from our garden.  What a HUGE mess and a TON of work, but I'm betting this will last us through the winter and then some.



We enrolled the kids in tennis classes!

Amanda... well... she has a style all of her own that spills over into her tennis technique.
 (Read between the lines... NOT HER THING).

Logan was very enthusiastic and had some good form and raw talent.  We may continue his lessons, but in the mean time, the whole family got tennis rackets and we'll be playing some singles for exercise in the coming months.  Fun, Fun, Fun!


Monday my little girl got to stay home from school with her momma.  The good news is that she found the toilet in the middle of the night BEFORE she started vomiting.  This is BIG NEWS people!!!!  She's never done that before!!!!  Guess that just shows that my baby is growing up.  : )

No worries, that was the only sickness she had and she was feeling fit as a fiddle the next morning. She still got to soak up some pampering and loved every minute.  (Logan is a bit jealous).

Okay!  Now you're up to date for at least a day!!!

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  1. I'm glad you didn't just give up and say "never mind." The face painting photos are terrific and we always love to hear about what's going on in the Neal home. Keep em coming.
    Grandma Gayle