Tuesday, December 20, 2016

First Week with no Transfusions

Logan and I just got back from the doctor office, and this looks like it will be his first week with out a transfusion since September.  His numbers are not wonderful, but good enough to let him go another week before the next CBC (we have been going twice weekly).  His hemoglobin is 8.3, Platelets 33 & ANC 200.  They have been tracking the trends and believe that the hemoglobin, while still dropping, will soon be on the rise.  Logan feels a little more tired than usual and has some dizziness when he stands but nothing severe and all quite manageable.  An ANC of 200 is still concerning to us and we are keeping Logan on the germ avoidance protocol that has been in effect for the last two months.   If Logan's condition worsens we will go in for an early CBC but as of right now we are looking forward to a quiet week of holiday festivities.  

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