Thursday, December 31, 2015

Winter Bird Watching

Logan and I have a winter bird watching tradition.  I was delighted when he reminded me of this tradition this morning when he came downstairs.  We quickly cleaned up the truck so the windows sparkled and fitted the back with chairs, spotting scope, snacks and binoculars and headed to our favorite local lake.  It was a very chilly morning so we did all of our bird watching from inside the truck and let me tell you, this is the way to winter bird watch!

We saw lots of hooded mergansers, mallards, ring-billed gulls, and a few bufflehead ducks.  We also enjoyed watching a mockingbird chase many many birds away from "his" berry bush!  He was very busy and those hungry little birds just kept coming back over and over again.

Our cozy setup!

I have also been doing a feeder watch here at home.  The best place to watch my feeders in from my kitchen sink.  This is how Logan found me this morning!  : )

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