Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

We will have to make do with my cell phone photos as I had misplaced my camera shortly before Christmas.

 I got warmth for Christmas!  I've been doing a lot of camping in cold weather and our current sleeping bags are not keeping me warm enough.  Eric bought me this cute mummy bag that will allow me to wear it at the campfire as well as to bed!  Thank you honey!
 Family photo... with Casey's best side!  :)

 Funny how she still likes the bag that the gift came in!  :)
 Cold but not snow so we were able to try out the scooters!
 At grandma's we enjoyed some Christmas horse back riding!  : )

We also got all 4 generations of men together for a family photo.  Can you see the resemblance in these father and sons?  (and check out how tall Logan is!... almost as tall as Great Grandpa!)

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