Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Girl Scout Horse Riding Camp Out

Amanda has really enjoyed her girl scout experiences and this latest camp out was better than most... because it involved HORSES!  This girl is over the top crazy about horses.  While the horse riding lessons were a little beneath her (as she has had quite a few riding lessons) she still really enjoyed the experience.  
The horse riding area was amazing!  completely covered so you can ride in any weather.

We slept in perma-tents that night...  the 5 girls had one tent all to themselves and us adult leaders slept in our own tent next door.  It was blissful for all participants!  

Then next morning we got to make our own breakfast at the camp fire.  For many of these girls this was their first campfire cooking experience.  On the menu was hashbrowns, eggs and sausage in foil packets.  Each girl got to make their own foil packet to their preference.  This is how Amanda assembled her breakfast before cooking....  Um, Amanda, perhaps  you should crack the egg first?

THAT'S BETTER!  And I bet it will taste better too!

Time to eat!  YUM!  And it tastes so much better because she made it herself!

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