Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ships Ahoy!

Eric and I have been talking about getting a kayak for a while now, but we have been struggling with the storage and transport issue of two big boats.  A few weeks ago, Eric convinced me to try our an inflatable kayak...  I looked online, read the reviews, and thought about it.  Then on a whim, I was nosing around a local outlet that specalizes in camping gear and what to my little eyes lite upon???  A beautiful yellow tandem kayak display with a big read sticker that said CHEAP CHEAP! 

 On Sunday we took it out to the lake to test it out.  It blows up super fast, is nearly impossible to flip (and believe me, I tried), and is very comfortable to sit in.  Eric and I took turns taking the kids out, and even though it's a two person craft, Amanda had no problem sitting in the middle.  We even took Casey on a spin, but Hunter would not get in the boat.

The dogs enjoyed swimming and playing fetch in the water, but these photos were taken right before we left, so I had the dogs out and drying off for the car ride home.  They were kinda sad to be denied the pleasure of another dip.

And the monkey house give our two thumbs up to these inflatable kayaks!  Bring on the summer weather 'cus I see a float trip in our future!

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