Saturday, April 20, 2013

Girls Weekend

This weekend Eric and Logan went on a Scout Campout and left us girls home alone.  Well, you know what they say about what the mice do when the cat is away?  Yes, we played!

Friday night we had a movie fest complete with popcorn, soda, and candy.  YUM!  We stayed up WAY past our bedtime and slept in the next morning.  Then we packed the car and headed to Fall River State Park.  I didn't take my camera on the water, but Amanda and I took our new kayak on a float trip across the lake and did some bird watching.  It's very interesting that the birds don't spook when you come at them from the water rather than the land.

After a picnic lunch on the water, we headed back to shore and explored some more of the park.  Amanda wanted to check out the dam.

 She enjoyed throwing big rocks in the water and making a huge splash... notice her shorter hair? She has been struggling with keeping the tangles under control so last week I took her for a hair cut and she said "CUT IT OFF!"  It's very windblown in this photo, but when it's freshly washed it's cute and curly.  

We also had to check out the playground.  Are you proud of me for letting her leave the house dressed like this?  WOW.  That girl has a style all of her own.

After playing at the park we headed back to town for a pasta at the Olive Garden.  Apparently it was prom night here because there were lots of teenagers dressed up in their fancy duds. 

That was the end of our girls weekend.  The boys return on Sunday morning.

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