Sunday, March 17, 2013

Monkeys In New Mexico

Yesterday we packed our bags and our camper and hit the road for our spring break trip to New Mexico.  10 hours later, we rolled in Tucumcari, NM at a historical Route 66 Motel.

(above photo was taken at a rest stop... Cool South Western Architecture)
Here are some more photos from Tucumcari...

Logan hanging in our historic motel room, listening to the old style radio and doing some reading.
 Amanda and I messing around the grounds of the motel...

 Then we got Logan to join us as we looked around the historic town.

 (acting silly like Mater)
 Lots of cool cars to look at around town.
 100% refrigerated air!!!!  HA!!!

Here are some other landscape photos from New Mexico... very different from the Great Plains.


 And I thought Kansas was windy!!!!!  With very few plants and lots of exposed dirt, dust storms are very common... and no fun for the eyes!

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