Saturday, December 17, 2011

Demolition Day

This morning Eric and I took advantage of the nice weather with a home improvement project...

Replacing our master bedroom window.

One of our recent rains we noticed water dripping from the top of the window on the inside. Once Eric started investigating, he discovered that water had been seeping in behind the improperly sealed windows for quite some time. Under the siding we discovered soggy, rotten wood everywhere.

Since Eric was not happy with the quote we were given by a local remodeler, he decided to undertake the project himself (with my help of course). However, not being a master carpenter, he decided that cutting and framing this round window would be beyond his skill. And seeing how I hated these widows anyway, we ordered new ones : ).

Logan and Amanda had a ball climbing on the scaffolding and helping whenever possible.

Here is all the drywall removed, before Eric took out the rotten studs. Be sure to check out the video below of the kids helping us knock out the drywall.

At the end of day one, you can see the new framing for my new windows. I'll have a large rectangle on top, and two single hung window where Eric is standing. The sides will be new drywall. It's definitely a bigger window, but no weird curves so tomorrow's installation should go smoothly.

We absolutely must get it done on Sunday, because the weather man is calling for rain on Monday!

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  1. We're on pins and needles . . how did it go? Did you finish before the rains came? Details, details - - give us details.