Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summer Update

We have been in full summer goof off mode so I guess I should update everyone with some our fun adventures...  

Grandma and Grandpa kicked off our summer with a impromptu hickman removal party.  (This way way back in May, so now you know how behind I am!) 
 Then Logan got a hold of my new camera... below are a few of his pictures...
 You would think I would take having my photo taken a little more serious since it rarely happens but no.  Not my style.

 First day that the pool was open.  Amanda, Kory and Logan wanted to be the first crazy people to jump in this season.  I'm told it was cold. 

Eric and I enjoyed a short anniversary trip to Niagara Falls.

We took so many photos of ourselves that we got a little silly.  : )

 We started on the American side then ended on the Canadian side.

... and got a little wet.

 We ended our day at a restaurant that rotates to make sure every table has a view of the falls at some point during dinner.  

 We stayed until they turned on the lights.  Very pretty.

The kids joined our neighborhood swim team again this summer...  (and Logan's hair is growing back nicely)  

 A couple of random photos I found...

 Amanda's girl scout troop bridged to Cadette.

But if you ask my kids, I think they would tell you that the best thing this summer so far was getting their passports!  We are planning a trip to Costa Rica and I think the kids are more excited about the passports that the trip itself!  : )

Logan is still doing great medically.  No major complications from the transplant and he is still in remission!  : )

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