Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Big Doctor Appointment

Eric, Logan and I met with the doctor yesterday to discuss where we go from here.  His doctor has been doing some research to see if we should do some post transplant treatment for the prevention for relapse.  We discussed the pros and cons of this new treatment but there isn't a lot of research available so we opted for the wait and see approach.  What has already been done to Logan may have already cured him of the disease and Eric and I don't want to expose him to more toxic drugs if it is not absolutely necessary.  Since he has relapsed twice and his cancer has become resistant to some chemo drugs he is in a higher risk category and the doctors will be keeping a closer eye on him for the next few years with more frequent bone marrow biopsies.  His next biopsy is scheduled for May 24.  Everything on his blood work to date is perfect.  No hint of anything abnormal.

Logan is SO ready to get back to a normal life.  He also asked his doctor if we could pull his Hickman tubes a little early so he can join the swim team this summer.  His doctor agreed!  When Logan gets his next bone marrow biopsy on the 24th he will come out of the procedure without his Hickman!!!!   He is super excited and while this means he will have to get poked with a needle every time he needs labs drawn it is a fair trade off in his mind.  

Logan has also started his tacrolimus wean.  This is his anti-rejection drug and the reason he has to avoid germs, mold and fungus.  He has a high white blood cell count but the anti-rejection drug makes his immune system kinda dumb and unable to do its job.  Once he is off the tacrolimus he can go out in public without a mask, enjoy his outdoor activities and more importantly... MOW THE YARD!!!  : )  


  1. Seth is so excited about Logan swimming!

  2. What great news to read! Hoping all goes well and he can enjoy his summer!! It would be much deserved!!

    ~your favorite volunteer