Saturday, August 20, 2016

Passing Time

Logan has been working through some projects to keep him occupied now that he is feeling better.  He and Eric put together the K'nex roller coaster and Logan will sit for long periods of time watching his creation run the tracks.  It's quite mesmerising. 

We have also been playing a lot of games in the teen room and watching some classic movies together.  Eric also brought him a catapult kit that they are building together and they plan to launch mini marshmallows at the door.  I bet the nurses are counting down the days unit our little hero is sent home.
Nothing to report medically.  No count recovery yet.  No bone marrow donor identified yet.  We are just waiting and healing.  His cultures did not grow any bacteria so his fevers were caused by a low white blood cell count (neutropenic fever).  

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  1. LOL...I'm betting the nurses actually love Logan and the entire Neal family...even if flying marshmallows are found in their presence! :-)