Monday, April 4, 2016

First Two Days of Spring Break

I am breaking up our spring break photos into multiple posts because I took SOOOOOOOO many pictures and it would be hard to get them all into one post.  We had a wonderful trip to Smokey Mountains in Tennessee.  Along the way we stopped at a wonderful nature center for some hiking and bird watching.

When we got to our camp site in the Smokey Mountains we had to set up in the rain... than turned to sleet... that turned to snow!
 Good thing that it doesn't take long to set up camp nowadays.
 The snow really got serious!
 I'm glad I made sure everyone packed stocking hats and gloves for this trip!

 Amanda and I went for a snow hike about dusk.

The next morning the sun was shining bright and very quickly melted the snow.

 I sat out in the melting and falling snow for over an hour... just enjoying.

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