Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Two SICK Monkeys

This week, it's not the Two Little Monkeys... its Two SICK Monkeys!  Monday morning Logan woke up with a fever and severe headache.  By mid afternoon, he felt so bad that he asked his dad to take him to the doctor... PLEASE!  His doctor suspected a sinus infection or the flu, but put him on antibiotics just to be safe... two days later, he is still running a fever.

Then this morning, Amanda woke up with a 102 degree fever, nasty cough and body pain... I suspect that the nasty flu virus has infiltrated our home!  We all got our flu shots too, way back in October!

Then to top the cake, Eric also woke up this morning with muscle pain... OH NO!! NOT YOU TOO!!!!!

I think I'm doomed.  There's no way I can escape these nasty germs when I'm surrounded! : (


  1. Oh no!! So sorry to hear the whole house (almost!) has been hit by the nasty bug. My boys have had a drippy nose and a cough for what seems like weeks...hard to hide from those germs. Hope everyone gets well quick!

  2. Well - - a week has passed. Are the kids any better? And maybe more importantly - - have you come down with it yet?

  3. All better, no other sickness to report!