Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012!!

This year Amanda wanted to be a "jungle cat"  after running through the list of known "jungle cats" she settled on leopard.  She was very upset at the number of people who didn't know what she was.  : )    
But in defence of all the people who couldn't figure it out... how many leopards do you see in the wild wearing a black tutu?  But regardless, she was very cute!  She designed the whole outfit and carefully supervised the sewing and painting.

Logan wanted to be a NASA Astronaut.  We ended up purchasing his orange jumpsuit and had to scour the internet for the matching hat.   He was also a little put out when someone assumed he was a NASCAR Driver.  "I mean REALLY!"
The coolest part?  The zippers really worked and the ones on the sides unzipped straight through to is shorts underneath!!  : o

 I was the Itsy Bitsy Spider!  I got to wear my costume to work and I scared a lot of preschoolers!  I just  LOVE Halloween!!!

Eric, sadly, had to got to school Halloween night.  He was very bummed and put zero effort into his costume.  He dug out an old mask from the decoration box and called it good.  He did get to join us for an hour while we toured Trick or Treat Street here in Wichita, but then we had to part ways while the kids went trick-or-treating. 

Every year I am surprised by how satisfied the children are with only trick-or-treating a few houses and calling it a night.  We made it home with only a small amount of candy for each child.  They are happy with that, and I'm happy with that too.

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