Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On The Road to Minnesota

It's been a go, go, go summer so far and looking at the calendar it's not going to stop until school starts back up!  In June we embarked on a two week family vacation to the Canadian Boundary Waters in Minnesota.  We broke the 800 mile drive into 3 days and made time for some fun along the way.  Here is our 3 day drive condensed into one giant, collage post!

Even though we broke the drive up, we still had a lot of time in the car.  We had lots and lots of movies for the kids to watch, but when they got bored we had books, games, and some really cool magnets to keep them occupied.

We also stopped at numerous rest stops and took some time to get our wiggles out on the playground.

We also took nature hikes... I mean, after all.  I am their mother!  : )

We took our camper with us and camped along the way.  At one of the campsites we enjoyed some popcorn in the rain and a resident chipmunk decided to join us for a snack.  He was SO cute and apparently more hungry than scared of us because he got SUPER close to the kids.  At one point he even bumped into Amanda's shoe while grabbing some fallen popcorn.  As the chipmunk became more and more bold, so did the kids.  They climbed on top of the picnic table to watch him and put the whole popcorn container on the ground for him to enjoy.  The little fella even climbed into the popcorn pan at one point!

Just outside of Duluth there is this super cool Alpine Coaster.  It was super fast and super fun!  You control the breaks so you can go as fast or slow as you like... we all decided to go as fast as we could and WOW, what a ride!!!

On our third day of driving we reached Lake Superior.  The water was cold, the weather was cloudy, but that didn't stop our little adventurers.  They climbed, hopped, ran, and crawled over all the rocks.  Then we skipped some rocks, and one of us even managed to fall into the lake... (LOGAN!)

Our last photo worthy moment on our road trip was at a little river that flowed into Lake Superior about 2 hours from our destination.  The kids managed to stay dry this time, but I fell in!!! : )  Monkey see, monkey do I guess.  (In my defense, those rocks were slippery!)  We also found lots and lots of pretty rocks and crystals.  Logan swears they were diamonds and that we're now RICH!

More to Come!!!!  Check back soon as I hope to have Gunflint Lodge posted in the next few days.

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