Sunday, February 12, 2012

An 8 Year-old's Birthday Weekend

This birthday, Logan decided he wanted to attend the monster truck show in Kansas City where he could see some of the more famous monster trucks on a DIRT TRACK! Amanda was not interested in going so it was a Father/Son trip. They drove up on Friday night, stayed in a hotel (with an indoor pool!) and got up bright and early to make it to the Pit Pass before the show.

Logan got to meet all the truck drivers, have them sign his flag, and get up close looks at these MONSTER trucks!

With the dirt ramps the trucks got some awesome air time on the jumps...

After the show, the boys headed back home so my boy could spend his birthday with me and his sister too. This morning he opened a gift he got in the mail from Grandpa Steve and Debbie.

It was a You-Build-It birdhouse kit. He got out his hammer and got right to work.

And here is the finished product! He did a great job (with some Dad help) and Grandpa made sure everything was pre-drilled and labeled.
And LOOK! It has a hinged top so he can peak at the little birds in the nest! We'll put it out soon... after the weather warms a bit.
For his birthday cake, he couldn't decide between a strawberry cake and a chocolate cake... so I made both! We had the strawberry one for lunch and saved the chocolate for dinner. After lunch we headed to the toy store so he could pick out his birthday gift. He opted for a zip line to add to his Nano Bug Habitat...

...and an indoor helicopter with a crash guard... it still flies after bumping into the ceiling!Logan also wanted me to show you his flag with all the autographs. : )

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