Sunday, January 22, 2012

Catch Up Photos

I thought it was time to do a little catchup on the photos I've taken over the past month.

These are some photos I took in Grandma and Grandpa's woods when we were back for Christmas. The Monkeys and their cousins had a great time climbing on the logs and hiking the trails.

Right before Christmas our cat, Jules, celebrated his one year anniversary of coming to live with us. We gave him a new cat bed and he LOVES IT!!! I guess he's just one of the Monkeys now!

Eric was also able to take two weeks off from work along with the kids and me. One of the things we did was build Gingerbread Houses with some friends.

We also took a day to search for the Snowy Owls that have invaded Kansas. Unfortunately we didn't see any... kinda hard when there is already snow on the ground to see a snowy bird... but we did see lots of deer and lots of other birds.

We hadn't had snow in Wichita, but up north where we were looking they had and it was COLD!!! We did most of our watching from the car.

We found lots of animal tracks. I just love hiking after a snow fall!!!

Then we found a prairie dog town. The dogs were even active!!!! We could hear their giving their warning barks and saw a couple on their hills before they darted inside.

Christmas morning started at 5 am this year. Crazy early, but still an improvement from last year! Santa brought the kids an air hockey table and we played many a game while waiting for Eric to wake up. (You can also add a table top for ping pong)

I let them wake Eric up about 7 and we started to dig in!

He didn't have to say a word. I could read his mind just my looking at his face.

"ooohhhhhh. A new shirt. Gee, thanks mom."
Amanda just LOVED her new super long socks!!! That girl is a little odd.

Logan was showing off his muscles in his new shirt. (that I guilted him into trying on)

Hey, Look! I was even there! : ) Eric got me a new coffee pot that was already setup when I woke and the kids got me lots of new wool socks. (something I always need) : ) Eric had already received his gifts because he needed them for the bedroom window project.

We took ALL DAY to open all our gifts because we like to stop and play with whatever we open before moving on. I think the last present was opened around 7:00 pm.

Okay!! I think you are all up to date on the Monkey House going's on!

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